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2018 Tax Appeal - Help our Help Line

Our mission is to help Australians suffering with a musculoskeletal condition. But one of the core services MOVE provides – the Musculoskeletal Help Line – is entirely reliant on donations.

We need to raise $150,000 in the next few weeks to keep our vital Help Line open.

Every day, people facing life-changing and often, truly devastating news about arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain, gout or other musculoskeletal conditions will call one of our nurses for support, advice or even just a friendly voice. They have questions about living with pain. Sometimes they call about something their doctor said and what it means. Or they might call about a loved one – a wife, husband, son or daughter – who is suffering.

At the other end of each and every call, is a caring nurse like Anne who is passionate about helping people. People are scared when they are diagnosed with a musculoskeletal condition – they don’t know where to find information, are frightened and anxious about what their future might look like.

“People often tell me they’re scared about what impact living with pain can have on their life. They ask me ‘will I need to give up work’ or ‘can I still play with my grandchildren’…everyday activities that we take for granted.”

For the 6.8 million Australians who are struggling with the pain and discomfort of a musculoskeletal condition, a friendly voice like Anne’s on the other end of a phone call could mean all the world.

We’re asking for your support to help give people and their families a service that is there when they need it.

Please help keep our Help Line going by making your donation today.

Your kindness and generosity to help people with a musculoskeletal condition is greatly appreciated.


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