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Learn About Your Musculoskeletal Condition

Living well with a muscle, bone or joint condition.

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Living well with muscle, bone and joint conditions   s.. 

Managing Your Pain: An A-Z Guide

'Managing Your Pain: An A-Z Guide' is a resource developed with funding from the Victorian Government, and produced by the team at MOVE muscle, bone & joint health.    An important note - many of the treatment options in this guide will require you to put in some time and effort before you notice long lasting effects. You’ll need to commit yourself to regular practise, but the rewards are great.


Medicinal Marijuana & Persistent Pain 

Earlier this year the Australian Government granted the first license for an Australian company to grow and harvest medicinal cannabis. The aim is to improve access to legal, domestically produced, high quality cannabis for medicine and research.
So what does this mean for future healthcare?
This information sheet will briefly look at the ins and outs of medicinal cannabis in Australia. 


Stem Cell Treatments

 You’ve probably heard about stem cells – they seem to be in the media all the time as the latest treatment or ‘cure-all’. But like most of us, you probably don’t know all that much about them. Here’s some basic information to help you understand this complex, but fascinating, topic. 


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